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Alabama Voices - Lincoln: The Great Emancipator, by Richard Bailey, January 1, 2013

Dr. Richard Bailey Speaks at King Day Ceremony, January 22, 2012

City Unveils Civil Rights Marker

Tuskegee Airman Finally gets his Due

Dr Bailey was interviewed on WSFA Newsmakers in Montgomery, Alabama, February 9, 2012

BTW High School Welcomes Back Graduates of All Ages, July 8, 2004

Unveiling Puts Past in Light, July 5, 2004

Historic legislation turns 40...Civil Rights Act marks Anniversary, July 2, 2004

History of Centennial Hill comes to life at Sunday lecture
Montgomery Advertiser, February 2002

History converges at square
Montgomery Advertiser, January 2002

Blacks have Long Contributed to State
Montgomery Advertiser, 1999

Song is Part of Soldier's Legacy
Montgomery Advertiser, 26 May 1997

Unit had its Role to Play in War
Montgomery Advertiser, 26 May 1997

Timeout for History
Montgomery Advertiser, February 27, 1995

King Unified Thousands, Churches Provided Network Supporting King
The Dream Lives On, Remembering The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., January 17, 1993

Dr. Richard Bailey seeks to Discover Explorer De Soto's Trail through State
Old Newsboys Day, Montgomery Advertiser, December 1, 1992

States Black Officeholders After Civil War Had Impact
Frank Sikora, The Birmingham News, Sunday, 21 July 1991

Books and Such
Dr. Ralph J. Bryson, October 1991

Researcher Writes Book about Key Blacks
Nick Lackeos, Alabama Journal
Appeared in Dispatch, 21 June 1991 and also as Neither Carpetbagger Nor Scalawag, Montgomery Advertiser-Journal, 9 June 1991


Current Offerings

Neither Carpetbaggers Nor Scalawags

Neither Carpetbaggers
Nor Scalawags
Black Officeholders
During the Reconstruction
of Alabama, 1867-1878

By Richard Bailey

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Neither Carpetbaggers nor Scalawags

They Too Call Alabama Home

They Too
Call Alabama Home
African American

By Richard Bailey

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They Too Call Alabama Home


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Watch Richard Bailey

On February 9, 2012, Dr Bailey was interviewed on WSFA Newsmakers in Montgomery, Alabama.

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If you have a relative mentioned in either of these books, Dr. Bailey would like to talk to you. Please call Richard Bailey at 334-224-2346.