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They Too Call Alabama Home
They Too
Call Alabama Home

African American Profiles 1800-1999
By Richard Bailey

Neither Carpetbaggers Nor Scalawags book cover
Neither Carpetbaggers Nor Scalawags
Black Officeholders During the Reconstruction of Alabama, 1867-1878

By Richard Bailey

New Edition available now!


About Richard Bailey

Dr. Richard Bailey

Richard Bailey has earned the BS, MEd, MA, and PhD degrees. A fellowship made it possible for him to travel and study in Europe and Africa.

Since returning to Montgomery, Dr. Bailey has been a consultant for the Center for Public Television at The University of Alabama, where he was a consultant for their productions on the Lincoln School of Marion and Reconstruction black officeholders. For the Division of Telecommunication and Educational Television at Auburn University, Bailey was an advisor for the Gees Bend story and the Horace King documentary. He was a consultant for the award-winning radio documentary, "Remembering Slavery," produced by the Institute for Language and Culture at the University of Montevallo. In the mid-1980s Gov. George C. Wallace appointed him twice to the De Soto Commission to reconstruct the path of the Spanish explorer through Alabama. Kiosks along select Alabama highways identify the route of De Soto.

Bailey is a member of several speakers' bureaus, including the Alabama Humanities Foundation.  A lecturer and tour guide, he makes frequent appearances on radio and television to discuss Alabama history, southern history, and contemporary issues. Dr Bailey has authored the following books on Alabama history:

Watch Richard Bailey

On February 9, 2012, Dr Bailey was interviewed on WSFA Newsmakers in Montgomery, Alabama.

Video is no longer available online.
Go to WSFA to search for the video.


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